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The success of our membership-driven organization is closely linked to the effort that each certification holder puts into the organization. At (ISC)², we are fortunate to have a highly engaged membership that actively contributes to our success through .

Our volunteers take on myriad tasks, from helping to organize events to speaking at conferences to developing certification exams. Another important way that members volunteer their time is by contributing informative blogs on timely cybersecurity topics that expand our knowledge base and help peers gain new insights into the cybersecurity field.

(ISC)² members contribute blogs in two ways. One is through member-written blogs, in which authors cover a topic of their choosing with relevance to the membership. The second is through member-contributed blogs, in which members make themselves available for an interview or to provide feedback on key industry topics.

Each of these types of contributions is extremely valuable to us as an organization and to the membership as a whole. Members can use the blog format to share cybersecurity news, (ISC)² certification updates and contribute to the overall cybersecurity industry conversation. We are very grateful to all the volunteer blog authors and contributors who took the time over the past year to share their experiences and knowledge with industry peers.

Be a Contributor

Volunteering at (ISC)² through blog contributions is a way to give back to the community while expanding your network of cybersecurity professionals and developing leadership skills. Members who volunteer qualify for valuable Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

At (ISC)², we benefit from a diverse membership with a broad range of perspectives, wealth of ideas and keen understanding of what is important to the job. We encourage any member wanting to engage with the blog, either as an author or contributor, to sign up through the . Learn more about the process of writing and contributing in the .

Here is the list of member-written and member-contributed blogs for 2022:



Thank you again to all of those who participated, and helped make this another successful year for (ISC)². We look forward to continuing our work together in the new year.


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