Awareness & Education at Young Age is the Answer to Cybersecurity Skill Gap

Mousam Khatri is a cybersecurity professional with diversified experience in cybersecurity, information security, data privacy, cloud security, payment security, vulnerability management, security operations center, cyber resilience, supplier security, audits, testings, assessments, strategies, governance, risk, compliance, and consulting services.

In his current role, Mousam Khatri is a Counsellor at the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

In a brief interaction with The Cyber Express, Mousam Khatri talks about why cybersecurity is vital to national security while stressing how countries and governments collaborate and write a cybersecurity framework that collectively applies to all of them.

He also stresses how the Zero-Trust approach to cybersecurity can help native digital businesses keep their products and services secure, even though he argues that smaller and medium-scale companies are less equipped to do so.

During the interaction, Mousam also shares tips to bridge the cybersecurity skill gap and how cybersecurity awareness and education at a young age can go a long way.

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