Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

While there has been progress in increasing the number of women in engineering roles, the representation of women in this field remains relatively low, and retention remains a significant challenge​. A diverse team of engineers brings together different perspectives and experiences, leading to innovative problem-solving for complex issues.

Why We Celebrate

International Women in Engineering Day isn’t just another date on the calendar; it’s a call to action to spotlight career opportunities, achievements, and the vital role of women in engineering. This celebration aims for global recognition and respect for women transforming the engineering landscape.

“I fell into engineering. I was training to be a lawyer, but after the financial crash in 2008, I took a non-technical role at a software company, thinking I would return to law in a year or two. I became interested in the technical side of the business, learning things both on the job and in my spare time. I started to learn more technical skills that could help me in my role. This ultimately led to creating a role for myself that was more technical.” – Caroline Collins, Senior Product Manager, United Kingdom

A Snapshot of HackerOne’s Engineering Team

The engineering department comprises 67 people, including 12 engineers who identify as female. Three female engineering managers lead teams around the world, and most of the team has a female engineering manager.

How We Collect Feedback

We send an engagement survey to HackerOne employees every six months. The last survey revealed encouraging trends among our female engineers, including a substantial increase in their motivation to advance in their roles.

The survey highlighted areas we need to focus on, indicating a need for improved communication, support structures, and equitable resource distribution to better support our female engineers.

One support structure in place is the HackerOne Women@ Employee Resource Group, which holds monthly virtual meetings. We discuss topics like personal branding, individual performance, and exposure across the company.

“It’s not specifically about having more female engineers for me; it’s about diversity. I believe in having a diverse team with various personalities. Female energy adds a unique dynamic that I appreciate. It’s the mix that makes it special!” – Martzen Haagsma, Manager, Infrastructure Engineering, the Netherlands

Our Commitment

HackerOne is committed to attracting more women into engineering and ensuring they thrive. Creating a supportive environment where every woman can pursue innovation and leadership without barriers is not just a goal; it’s our responsibility. 

HackerOne’s hiring strategy focuses on fostering diversity and inclusion from the outset. We ensure female engineers are part of our hiring panels and strive to maintain a diverse candidate pipeline. This approach helps us attract top talent from various backgrounds, enriching our team and enhancing innovation.

“So far, I have been shown flexibility, so I feel comfortable managing my hours however suits me. It is great to see there is an understanding that everyone has chores or preferences, and the flexibility is not limited to careers.” Nadia Fernandez, Software Engineer, United Kingdom

We believe that to foster a culture where everyone, regardless of gender, can contribute to, learn from, and celebrate engineering’s power to change the world, we must first win as a team.

Join Us

We appreciate the contributions of women in engineering. Their hard work, creativity, and resilience continue to inspire and pave the way for a more inclusive engineering future. Whether you’re a potential candidate considering a career in engineering or a current employee, today is a day for education, pride, and celebration.

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“I was a developer for one year when I joined HackerOne. I wanted to work with great people in a kind, accepting, and transparent culture. During my interviews, I spoke with male and female engineers, which was great and something I had not experienced at other companies, where I usually only spoke with men. I believed these people reflected the company’s culture, which convinced me to join HackerOne.” – Charlie Kroon, Software Engineer, the Netherlands

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