Chuck Brooks is The Cybersecurity Person of the Year 2022

Study the past if you would define the future.

In this issue of The Cyber Express magazine, we revisit our past and foresee our future. But what makes it more special is the curated list of the Top 10 Guardians of Cybersecurity and The Cybersecurity Person of the Year 2022.

The concept of cybersecurity often refers to an ongoing battle between criminals and hackers. This field is frequently depicted in movies and TV shows as a glamorous business. Unfortunately, the reality is the stark contrast, threats can come from anywhere, from the employee sitting next to you to foreign states and sophisticated criminal masterminds.

Even though there weren’t any massive cybersecurity incidents like the Colonial Pipeline or Solar Winds attack of 2021, the global attacks during the third quarter of 2022 increased by 28%. Most of the time, attackers focused on the educational and healthcare sectors. This forced us to reanalyze the most critical sectors that require immediate attention.

The year 2022 also saw a significant evolution in the way threat actors operate. Instead of staying in the shadows, they disrupted the global supply chain and key industries through innovation and advanced techniques.

Unfortunately, 2022 also became another year of cyber attacks.

This newest issue of The Cyber Express Magazine is mostly divided into two major parts. The Year Ender section focuses on what majorly happened, while the Forecast section talks more about what can happen in 2023. More than 30 cybersecurity influencers have shared their thought on that very subject. We believe these predictions will help you make wise business decisions in the future.

This time we have also gone ahead and done our best to recognize the stalwarts of the cybersecurity industry. The Cyber Express team is proud to acknowledge the efforts of all the individuals who have dedicated their lives to protect organizations from cyber threats.

But it was indeed a daunting task.

Due to the large number of highly skilled individuals working in the cybersecurity industry, ensuring they do their best to secure the cyberspace, it was really difficult for us to choose the best ten individuals.

The Cyber Express Cybersecurity Person of the Year 2022

But we went ahead, nonetheless, and have pulled our Aces of Cyber Spades with the Top 10 Guardians of Cyber Space in 2022. These individuals are setting a standard for excellence in the field of cybersecurity. We are also proud to announce that cybersecurity leader Chuck Brooks, is The Cyber Express Cybersecurity Person of the Year 2022.

We wholeheartedly congratulate everyone who is featured in this list. The information security sector is profoundly indebted to each one of you.

Let us know, what you liked the best in this issue. Reach out to us with your valuable feedback at [email protected].

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