Intel and Check Point Software extend partnership for ransomware protection

Intel, the world-renowned silicon chipmaker, has extended its partnership with Check Point Software technologies to boost its chipsets defense line against ransomware attacks. So, as a part of this collaboration the Harmony Endpoint solution from Check Point will be integrated into Intel vPro’s AI and ML driven threat detection tech allowing CPUs manufactured by the silicon wafer making giant analyze pre-detect data encryption commands in the digital attack flow.

In the year 2021, security analysts tagged Ransomware at the trending malware topping the list in the Crypto-virology chart. And the sole purpose of such malicious software was concluded to be easy financial gain.

The highlight of this malware filled cyber attack is that criminals are becoming innovative with time and are launching attacks with more sophistication. And such developments are throwing more intense challenges to the cybersecurity experts.

Intel wants to contain such threats at the core and so developed tech that blocks the threat at the processor level or we can say at the early stage of relaying of commands.

Check Point Harmony tech assists in the telemetry analysis at the chip level and raises a barrier against the encryption commands, thus blocking the threats from perpetuating to the information storage flow.

We can also conclude such an operation as a prevention technique, where the identity and remediation in the attack chain take place in an automated way at the hardware level.

NOTE- Ransomware spreading gangs have stooped to the next level as they are creating fake websites mimicking the original website of the victim and then posting the siphoned data to gain maximum imprints from the website traffic by ranking second in the search engine.



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