(ISC)² Top-Ranked Webinars of 2022 by Region

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From fighting the ever-present ransomware threat to securing cloud infrastructures to honing identity management practices, the past year’s showcase of (ISC)² webinar topics was wide-ranging and thought-provoking.

A cursory look at the topics we tackled throughout 2022 provides a reflection of the activity in the cyber landscape and the threats that weighed most heavily on cybersecurity professionals. We asked attendees to rate the webinars they attended, and here’s what we found:

North America

Email threats were prominent on the minds of cybersecurity professionals over the past year, as evidenced by highest-ranked webinar, . The session served as a reminder that email remains a primary attack vector, involving more than phishing attempts and malware downloads. Other methods, such as remote password hash captures, clickjacking and silent malware launches were also covered in this session.

The second highest-ranked session was , which focused on foiling hackers before they even have a chance to strike. Strategies that turn organizations into hard targets were discussed.

Ranked third in North America was a session titled . The webinar covered new ransomware strains, how to tell if an organization is infected and what to do if it is, and how to implement protection methods.

Additional highly ranked seminars included:


received the highest marks from attendees in the EMEA region. The webinar covered compromise, misuse and fraud of machine identities as prime attack vectors for hackers. The session included a discussion on how errors lead to outages that cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and erode customer trust.

Next on the list in the region was a session titled , which covered the top five cloud-native risks and shared research on the importance of identifying risks early in the DevOps process.

Ranked third in the region was the webinar . Attendees were presented with a cyberattack scenario as it unfolded and asked to participate in the decision-making involved in the response. 

Other highly ranked sessions included: 


A seminar on garnered the highest score in the APAC region. The session focused on how organizations should use DNS in their first line of defense as the cyberattack surface expands thanks to digital transformation.

The second-highest ranked webinar in the region was EMEA’s top-ranked session, .

Coming in third was , a session that focused on identifying vulnerabilities that are actually exposed at runtime and how to shorten an organization’s list of vulnerabilities.

Also highly ranked in the region were the following sessions:


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