Microsoft to invest $10 billion in Open AI ChatGPT

Open AI developed ChatGPT writing app is trending on Google as headlines for the past few days and to capitalize on its craze, the American Technology giant Microsoft offered an acquisition deal worth $60 billion that eventually did not materialize in real.

Now, news is out that the Windows OS giant has shown interest in investing about $10 m in OpenAI, a company that is now valued as $29 billion in the open trade.

To those who are unaware of the roots of OpenAI, here’s a gist. In the year 2015, Elon Musk and Sam Altman collectively found the company. They spun it to develop innovative and friendly AI technology to benefit the humanity.

However, as things shaped up, Musk got concerned with the developments and predicted scary outcomes, seen in the movie Terminator and series.

Altman maintained his stance as a CEO, even when Elon Musk issued a resignation to the OpenAI board in 2018.

Microsoft caught the developments and started to its investment of $1 billion per year in the chat-based tech in 2019. But after learning about the capabilities of ChatGPT, it wanted to grab the firm and render it as a computing partner to power it Azure’s upcoming computing technologies.

Things did not go as per the plan and so the software firm decided now to integrate ChatGPT to ‘Bing’ search engine, by investing a few billions of dollars to gain a stance in the said AI company’s trade ratio.

NOTE- Satya Nadella, the chief of Microsoft, tested the answers given by the ChatGPT. He questioned the machine on 4 of the best south Indian breakfasts and the robot answered as Idli, Vada, DOSA and Biryani. Biryani is a non-veg rice pulao that cannot be considered as a breakfast dish and is apt to be included into a lunch or dinner menu. Thus, Mr. Nadella seemed he wasn’t happy with the answer.



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