New infosec products of the week: April 19, 2024

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from IDnow, Immuta, Privacera, Redgate, ShadowDragon, and Tanium.

ShadowDragon Horizon enhancements help users conduct investigations from any device

Horizon is accessible with any internet connection and allows users to access critical data and conduct investigations from any device, providing flexibility and mobility. Mapping advancements, plotting capability, visual geofencing, and geoestimation allow for different starting points that pinpoint precise locations and uncover valuable insights.

infosec products April 2024

Privacera adds access control and data filtering functionality for Vector DB/RAG

Privacera announced the addition of new access control and fine-grained data filtering functionality for Vector DB/RAG to Privacera AI Governance (PAIG). The latest additions to PAIG are designed to establish and administer access control policies and make fine-grained data control and filtering seamless.

infosec products April 2024

Redgate Monitor Enterprise prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information

Redgate has launched an enterprise version of its database monitoring tool, providing a range of new features to address the challenges of scale and complexity faced by larger organizations. Redgate Monitor Enterprise offers advanced capabilities for monitoring large, complex estates, optimizing performance, and ensuring security, compliance and high availability with a single, all-in-one tool.

infosec products April 2024

Immuta launches Domains policy enforcement to improve security and governance for data owners

Immuta launched Domains policy enforcement, a new capability in the Immuta Data Security Platform that provides additional controls for data owners to implement a data mesh architecture with domain-specific data access policies.

infosec products April 2024

Tanium Automate reduces manual processes for repeatable tasks

Unlike automation built using custom scripts which required expertise that made it difficult to scale and created room for error, with Tanium Automate, the entire IT team can create custom playbooks – with little to no code – to automate common tasks. With the operational efficiencies gained through this automation, IT teams are freed up to prioritize more strategic projects.

infosec products April 2024

IDnow VideoIdent Flex blends AI technology with human interaction

IDnow has unveiled VideoIdent Flex, a new version of its expert-led video verification service. Advanced fraud detection capabilities, including AI-driven analysis and manual checks, combat evolving fraud tactics and help protect against social engineering fraud, document tampering, projection and deepfakes, especially for high-risk use cases and goods.

infosec products April 2024

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