Salt Security Launches AI-Powered Assistant Pepper

Today, API security company Salt Security have announced the release of Pepper, an in-product assistant and, notably, an AI-powered knowledge-based assistant. Salt is embracing the value of artificial intelligence (AI) with this capability, making it easier for customers to utilise the company’s signature API protection platform and resolve queries as swiftly as possible. Pepper is the first of its kind to offer these capabilities to API security customers.

Pepper can be used as customers’ all-knowing personal assistant to both API security and the Salt platform. Customers will have the ability to ask Pepper any question in natural language, and it will utilise intelligent generative AI to craft a personalised, pinpointed answer to a query. The knowledge-based assistant will provide clear and concise responses to users questions, streamlining security efforts. In addition, Pepper will point users to relevant articles, documents, and resources instantly, saving hours in manual search time. With access to these functions, security teams will no longer struggle with information overload. Pepper has also been incorporated directly into the Salt dashboard, allowing users to find resources and launch in-product walk-throughs easily.

Launching the AI-powered knowledge-based search will lower query resolution timelines dramatically compared to historic manual searches. The Salt Security team has recorded significant efficiency gains when utilising the new assistant. Customers can experience up to a 91% decrease in the time it takes to find actionable data and outputs that resolve queries.

Eric Schwake, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Salt Security says: “Going to a vendor’s knowledge-base is often the first place practitioners go to get their product deployed or troubleshoot issues. Even with advanced search tools, historically, knowledge-based tools have struggled to find relevant content quickly, and navigating such technology can be frustrating. At Salt Security, not only do we want to make our customers’ job of securing their APIs easier, but we also want to streamline access to the guidance they require, in a friendlier and more efficient way. Pepper was designed with this in mind and we are thrilled to announce its availability to customers.”

Some key benefits of having an AI assistant like Pepper include time saving, boosting productivity, increased knowledge access and the ability to make informed decisions.

Salt Security continues to embrace the power of AI/ML, beyond its patent to help customers best utilise the investment they have made with the company. The AI powered knowledge-base will make Salt Platform operators more efficient in their day-to-day work.

Earlier this year, Salt Security announced that they were the industry’s only API posture governance engine.

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