SMEs: Boost awareness on cybersecurity – ENISA tools and guidance

In a time of increased remote work and growing cyber threats, SMEs face major cybersecurity challenges. Low-security budget, lack of employee awareness, management support, lack of cyber-skills, and increase in cyber-attacks can seriously impact SMEs’ competitiveness and compromise even the value chain they are connected to.

ENISA’s main goal is to raise awareness among SMEs and educate them on cybersecurity hygiene and prominent cybersecurity threats.

Georgia Bafoutsou, Cybersecurity Officer at ENISA, presents ENISA’s work to support and guide SMEs to take measures that would help anticipate cybersecurity threats and risks.

This video was recorded at IRISSCON 2022, an annual conference organized by IRISSCERT. The all-day event focuses on providing attendees with an overview of the current cyber threats facing businesses in Ireland and what they can do to help deal with those threats.

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