Telegram insider selling access to customer chats for $20,000

A merchant on the Dark Web that claims to have insider access to Telegram servers has been discovered by the cybersecurity team at SafetyDetectives.

The vendor asserts that they can provide unrestricted access to the Telegram servers “via their employees” for a fee that cannot be negotiated; in other words, they have at least one insider contact who can make this happen.

The business opportunity was found on a marketplace on the dark web that catered to vendors from all around the globe. However, it is impossible to verify statements made by people about the unlawful goods and services that they provide, as is the case with many of the dealers operating on the Dark Web.

The’showcase’ advertisement for the vendor makes the promise that they are able to offer access to Telegram servers. The accused insider workers have reportedly provided the table with correspondence spanning nearly six months’ worth of time.

It says in the advertisement:

“Obtaining access to the Telegram servers. My staff provide me with access to the Telegram servers, so I may use them. I am able to locate any information that you want!

Do not write if you are unable to pay the fees associated with doing so!

Telegram is not susceptible to hacking in any way! Every piece of data originates from different servers!
Timing 2-4 days!”

The seller emphasizes that the listing is not connected to any account or channel theft, and that remote access is not made available in any way. As an alternative, “we supply an archive of communication for six months,” in addition to IP addresses belonging to active users and registration mobile phone numbers.

There is no way to estimate the number of Telegram users or servers that might be affected by this issue. On the other hand, if the assertions made by the vendor are accurate, an authorized user on the internal Telegram network would have the ability to exfiltrate logs and compromise user data. A possible compromise in this way would also undercut the company’s unique selling proposition (USP), which is the reputation that Telegram has as a secure chat service.

Additionally, the trader is certain that there has been no hacking of the system.

It is not simple to determine whether or not this particular sales offer is genuine. Dark Web markets are teeming with frauds and fraud, and in this particular instance, the seller’s shop, which is pinned to the city of San Francisco, California, has a rating of just three stars out of a possible five.

At the time of this writing, none of the evaluations that previous purchasers have left for the vendor have been made public.

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