The Era of Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing

Dec 22, 2022The Hacker NewsThreat Intelligence / Cyber Risk

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We spent forty years defending ourselves as individuals. Trying to outsmart cybercriminals, outpower them, and when all our efforts failed, only then we considered banding together with our peers to outnumber them.

Cybercriminals don’t reinvent themselves each time. Their resources are limited, and they have a limited budget. Therefore they use playbooks to attack many people. Meaning most of the attacks are known to people and not innovative. Yet, all we hear about is one breach after another despite hundreds of millions of dollars being thrown into the industry.

So if we know that teaming up and sharing information is the key, why aren’t security vendors doing it? It’s simple. Vendors don’t want to give it to you; they want to sell it to you.

Cyber Threat Intelligence: A better way to fight cybercrime

As the internet continues to expand and connect more people and devices than ever before, the need for effective cyber threat intelligence sharing has never been greater. In today’s interconnected world, a threat to one organization can quickly become a threat to many others, making it essential for businesses and other organizations to share information and work together to stay safe online.

One of the key benefits of cyber threat intelligence sharing is the ability to stay ahead of potential threats. By sharing information about known vulnerabilities and attacks, we can take proactive measures to protect ourselves and our systems. This can help prevent costly downtime and damage to our company’s reputation.

Another important aspect is the ability to respond quickly to emerging threats. By sharing information about ongoing attacks, we can deploy countermeasures to protect ourselves and our systems in a matter of minutes. This can help minimize the impact of an attack and prevent further damage.

CrowdSec is leading the way in the CTI space

One of the projects facilitating this vital work is CrowdSec. An open-source, collaborative CTI platform with detection and remediation capabilities.

It allows organizations to share and access real-time cyber threat intelligence and threat information without revealing sensitive detail about their networks and systems. This ensures that organizations can collaborate and share information without compromising their own security.

Overall, the importance of cyber threat intelligence sharing cannot be overstated. Large-scale problems can only be solved through collaboration. Just like Waze has done for traffic, and Virus Total for binary analysis, CrowdSec is doing it for threat detection. The ability to quickly and effectively share information is essential for protecting against threats and keeping ourselves safe.

Note: This article is written and contributed by Andrea Mijuskovic, Head of Partnerships at CrowdSec.

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