ThriveDX and Exclusive Networks address the cybersecurity talent shortage in Europe

ThriveDX is launching a road tour across Europe from Jan. 11 to Feb. 23, 2023 to introduce the company’s human factor security solutions to Exclusive Networks’ ecosystem of more than 25,000 partners and to address the cybersecurity talent shortage, skills gap and lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

In October 2022, ThriveDX and Exclusive Networks announced their strategic partnership, following Exclusive Networks’ participation as a founding partner in the ThriveDX Cyber Talent Hub.

Now, building off that momentum, throughout January and February, ThriveDX Enterprise CEO, Roy Zur, is launching the full suite of human factor security solutions to Exclusive Networks’ European ecosystem, specifically in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and additional countries.

ThriveDX provides a 360° approach to human-factor security with employee education, training and simulations that goes beyond traditional security awareness programs, offering relevant cyber training for every position in the organization, including application security for developers and engineers, beyond awareness training for non-technical roles, specialized executive training, as well as cybersecurity bootcamps and talent solutions.

ThriveDX recently conducted a Global Cybersecurity Awareness Study with 1,900 CISOs and some of the results indicated that 97% of respondents are convinced that cybersecurity awareness training leads to greater corporate security.

The timing for ThriveDX and Exclusive Networks strategic partnership is perfect because the study also indicated that 99% of the respondents recognize a positive influence on the culture of errors in the company with security awareness training.

“Executives and security professionals globally are realizing that technology alone cannot keep their enterprises safe from increasing cyber threats. Rather, they need solutions that directly address the role of the human factor as the weakest link in cybersecurity. ThriveDX is the only company providing a 360° approach to solving the human risk factor, going beyond awareness with effective solutions to address the lack of skills,” said Roy Zur, CEO, ThriveDX Enterprise.

“We look forward to working with thousands of our current and new European partners and customers and creating a human firewall across their organizations,” Zur added.

ThriveDX serves customers in more than 60 countries globally and already has millions of users in Europe including Fortune-500 companies and top European banks, tech companies, manufacturers, health care providers, universities, governments and more.

Exclusive Networks chose the company after an extensive review, determining that ThriveDX’s solutions will effectively solve human factor security challenges of their partners and end customers and address the first line of defense, the human risk factor.

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