WhatsApp Proxy Servers Connect details

WhatsApp, the messaging platform now owned by Facebook parent Meta, has made it official that its users will now-on be allowed to connect their accounts to proxy servers. However, the new rule only applies to nations where censorship is high, like China, and in places, internet shutdowns are frequent, like in Iran.

Means, WhatsApp users can use intermediatory gateways to connect to the web, or in case the link between their device and the internet goes off.

Countries like Iran and China indulge in surveillance practices where digital communication and internet access is often disrupted to suppress the voice of dissident citizens against government and its invasive policies.

Iran, China and to a large extent Russia are some nations that stand as authentic examples to governments cutting down the internet freedom of their citizens, respectively.

Under such circumstances, online users often take help of proxy servers and this is what the Facebook subsidiary will allow for free from February 2023.

To configure the service, users need to go to Settings tab and tap on ‘Storage and Data’ option after which they are asked to enter the proxy server address in the Proxy settings webpage, thus giving them a communication stream having high-level privacy and security.

A dedicated web page has been setup by the photo and video sharing messaging platform and it can help those who require a guidance on WhatsApp proxy server connect.

NOTE- The new feature that is existing on other online services such as Telegram and Signal can be found operational in the latest version of the application.



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