AI Robot lawyer to assist clients in UK Court Cases

The next time you are about to hear a court hearing in the UK, you better be aware that a company is offering a service for free where an Artificial Intelligence robot can guide you in what to say in the court via an earpiece.

Yes, what’ve read is absolutely True!

A company named DoNotPay has created an AI based robot lawyer who can guide a defendant in court’s live proceedings. The service will be showed live in coming February this year, where an AI based virtual lawyer will assist a defendant via smartphone app and a Bluetooth enabled headset.

The world’s first robot lawyer was being developed since 2015 primarily to assist people in appealing against parking tickets in legal format.

From the year 2019, the robot’s capabilities were being improved and the hard work of the developers behind the tech is said to pay soon. As the capabilities of the demonstrative model will be showcased to the world in the coming month.

However, the courtroom location in the UK, charges and the name of the defendant are being withheld for reasons. But unconfirmed sources claim the case will be related to a tech company appealing against a cyber insurance firm.

To those interested in knowing more about the virtual legal service, here’s a gist. The DoNotPay service was created as a chatting bot to raise appeal against legal cases. And Joshua Browder, a Britain-based American citizen, is behind the development of the world’s 1st robo lawyer where the bot first questions the defendant about the case and analysis the inputs given to it. It then decides through some Machine Learning tools on whether the case qualifies to be heard in the court and then generates an appeal letter that can be produced before the court of law for hearing.

A similar format will be followed with the case that will be heard in the court. The AI legal assistant will first hear the conversation taking place between the prosecutor and defendant via a smart phone app and then will advise the client on what they should speak next through the ear buds.

The about page of DoNotPay says that the service can be used against crimes related to bureaucracy, pay protect services, insurance services, delayed flights and frauds committed by airlines, corporation related crimes, harassment at work, ad frauds, money laundering and wisely sue anyone through proper channel.

And currently, the service will only be available to UK and US customers.



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