Alwsata Real Estate Co. Targeted, 14 GB Data Exposed

Saudi Arabia-based real estate business, Alwsata Real Estate Co, has been victimized by gray hat threat actor group Kelvin Security. The news comes after the threat actor posted the CSV with Information about the company’s customers, requests, chats, and other important data on the dark web forum.

Credit: BreachForums

According to researchers, the total amount of data stolen and published by the threat group amounts to 14GB and is listed by the threat group, which is currently at the “Gold” level on BreachForums.

Alwsata Real Estate Co is a Saudi Arabian company that deals with housing, rent, accommodations, and mortgage housing opportunities in the region. According to online sources, the company generates $1M-$5M of revenue and has been at the forefront of big projects in Saudi Arabia.

Alwsata Real Estate Co data breach explained

Credit: BreachForums

At the time of writing, the company’s website was deadened and inaccessible to visitors. The threat actor shared a Google Drive link on the hacking forum, leading users to preview the files containing information about the company and its clients.

Throughout 2022, gulf countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates witnessed several cyberattacks from prolific threat groups. Cybercriminals have targeted a third of computer users in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

Companies in Saudi Arabia and worldwide should be required to up their cybersecurity game because many of the old technologies are an open invitation for hackers and cybercriminals looking for vulnerabilities within corporate networks.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, and co-founder of Kaspersky, an IT security company, told Arab News in an exclusive interview that governments should adopt cybersecurity standards and oblige businesses to follow them in the same way that they do for fire hazard regulations.

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