Artificial Intelligence now allows to speak to dead ones

Did you ever imagine that you can speak to your deceased near and dear one day? If nott, here’s a way to do so- all thanks to the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI). According to a development made by California based company HereAfterAI, people can now chat, talk or video chat with the dead loves ones and know their life beyond the grave.

Though all this stuff seems like a script of a Hollywood movie, it truly exists in practical and allows people to have an authentic conversation with the dead ones.

Microsoft is also working on this Ai tech that is still in nascent stage and has created a pre-programmed chatbot to hold a virtual communication with the loved ones after their death.

It not only allows people to interact with their parents, partners and children, but will also help in connecting them to celebrities or historical figures, now signed-in patent of the Windows giant.

George Clone, who is active on twitter and interacted with the technology as a chatbot developer, poured in some visionary into the technology. She stated that the voice-based computer has been fed with videos, voice commands, letters and social media posts and is then allowed to interact with a user via a smart phone or a virtual help. It then created a 3D model of a person using the details provided by the interacting subject and then starts chatting with him/her on a virtual note.

It isn’t clear whether the subject that interacted with the chatbot really met their dead loved ones or is just a CG enabled virtual theme, seen in the world of virtual reality space.

But the tech has paved the way for the penning of more TV dramas such as the latest Korean hit Meeting You where a mother meets her dead 7-year-old daughter, via touch-sensitive gloves and related audio.

Surely, more such interactive virtual technologies are predicted to be developed soon and hopefully, the populace around the world will wholly agree to such radically psychological experiments, done in the name of innovation.



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