Black Basta Ransomware hits two electric utilities in America

Black Basta Ransomware Group has reportedly hit two electric utilities in North America in October this year and the attack took place after they compromised the email account of a government contractor in May 2022.

The law enforcement agencies have taken a note on the incident and are currently combing the dark web to see whether the cyber crooks have sold the information.

Chicago based Sargent & Lundy is the engineering firm that was hit by the malware attack and FYI, it has the history of designing and constructing over 900 power stations and 1000s of miles of power lines across the Biden led nation.

Black Basta infiltrating Sargent & Lundy is worrisome as the firm is into the business of designing and building nuclear facilities and so any such info falling into the hands of the hackers might lead to serious consequences.

CNN, the news resource that first got the info about the incident, has assured that the impact was contained on time and strangely, the cyber crooks did not contact the victim for a ransom.

In February this year, Palo Alto Networks was the first security firm to discover Black Basta on the web and added that the group is found targeting only critical infrastructures to date.

Industrial sector and those managing national infrastructure have remained as soft targets till date as the demand for data leaked out from such companies is in great demand among the state funded cyber hacking groups such as Killnet.



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