CISA And Fauquier County School K-12 Active Shooter Exercise

CISA, in collaboration with the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, the Fauquier County Fire Rescue System, and Fauquier County Public Schools, recently conducted a comprehensive K-12 active shooter exercise to strengthen the safety and security of schools in the region. 

This exercise, held at Kettle Run High School and Greenville Elementary School on June 27, aimed to evaluate and enhance emergency response strategies in simulated active shooter scenarios.

The joint effort involved various local stakeholders, including law enforcement, school administrators, teachers, and emergency medical services. These participants played pivotal roles in testing the effectiveness of current safety protocols, particularly in scenarios involving mock injuries, evacuations, and the reunification of students with their families.

CISA and Fauquier County’s K-12 Active Shooter Exercise

David Mussington, CISA’s Executive Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, highlighted the importance of K-12 active shooter exercise in fostering collaboration among federal, state, and local entities to safeguard educational environments. He emphasized that such initiatives are crucial for preparing communities to respond effectively to potential threats.

Sheriff Jeremy Falls further highlighted the exercise’s role in improving preparedness for real-world incidents, stating, “Our primary goal is the safety and well-being of our community. This exercise provided invaluable insight into our readiness and identified areas for further strengthening our response capabilities.”

Dr. Major Warner, superintendent of Fauquier County Public Schools, emphasized the partnership’s role in enhancing school safety, noting, “Testing our emergency protocols has significantly bolstered our readiness as a school division, ensuring a safer learning environment for our students and staff.”

Collaborative Training Exercises

The exercise also aimed to assess the speed and coordination of law enforcement responses, emergency medical operations, and communication between agencies during crises. Chief Kalvyn Smith of the Fauquier County Fire Rescue System stressed the importance of collaborative training exercises in preparing agencies to protect and serve the community effectively.

Janelle Downes, Fauquier County Administrator, highlighted the necessity of involving various stakeholders in such exercises, stating, “Large-scale critical incidents demand a coordinated response. This exercise allowed us to plan and refine our coordination for potential future emergencies.”

Bill Ryan, CISA’s Regional Director, emphasized the value of these exercises in identifying strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous learning and adaptation to maintain readiness.

CISA remains committed to supporting local communities through training and collaborative initiatives aimed at enhancing security measures. This exercise with Fauquier County represents a significant step in these ongoing efforts to safeguard schools and promote community resilience.

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