Copper Mining Firm Shuts Down Mill after Ransomware Attack

Copper Mining Firm Shuts Down

The Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CMMC) is affected by a ransomware attack on December 27, 2022. With regard to the incident, the company swiftly put in place its risk management systems and protocols.

Further, the company has shut down the mill preventively to assess the impact on its control system, segregated operations, and shifted to manual procedures where practicable.

CMMC, an 18,000-acre claim that is partially held by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, produces 100 million pounds of copper on average annually and has an estimated mineral reserve capacity for 32 more years.

“The Company’s external and internal IT teams are continuing to assess risks and are actively establishing additional safeguards to mitigate any further risk to the Company”, according to the new release of the Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation.


According to CMMC’s notice, the cybersecurity breach did not compromise safety precautions or harm the environment in any way.

“There has been no safety or environmental incidents as a result of the attack. The Company’s main priority is to continue to ensure safe operations and limit operational and financial impacts”, said the company.

Getting back to business as usual as soon as feasible can help the organisation minimize the financial impact of the event.

“Copper Mountain is investigating the source of the attack and is in contact with the relevant authorities, who are assisting the Company” – Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

Reports say on December 13, 2022, a cybercriminal advertised the account credentials of a CMMC employee on a hacker marketplace.

It is very likely that hackers utilized a compromised account to access the company’s network given the proximity of the dates between the credential that was being offered for sale and the announcement of the ransomware assault.

Targeting Metal and Automobile Industries

The security company, Dragos findings show that 86 attacks specifically targeted manufacturing organizations’ systems, particularly those connected to the metal products and automotive industries, among others. 

Dragos pointed out that only the LockBit ransomware gang has targeted the mining and water treatment industries.

According to the German company Aurubis, it “was apparently part of a larger attack on the metals and mining industry.”

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