Difference between Data Security and Data Privacy

Most of you connected to the world of data are in a misconception that both the terms data privacy and data security are same and are just the synonyms.

But that’s not correct and here’s an explanation: Data Privacy is the word used to the practice of handling the data like how it is being collected, stored, used and whether it is covered under any compliance. Data Security is different and is related to the practice of keeping the data safe from fraudulent access by securing it with encryption, authentication and such stuff.

For companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter that operate on the top of data economies, both the terms mean a lot as abiding by such terms helps them build trust among their customers, gradually paving way for business growth and development.

Factually speaking, privacy is the right of every individual and belongs not only to the above discussed context. In fact, it is actually a constitutional right and will prevail so in the increasing adoption of digitalization.

So, never mix up both the terms to be same i.e., Data Security and Data Privacy as they technically way apart.

Parallelly, organizations should also keep these terms at the top of their business priority and never choose only one over the other for conducting business and safeguarding customers from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Note- Data Security can actually be termed as a mechanism enforced to safeguard Data Privacy.



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