Guide: How virtual CISOs can efficiently extend their services into compliance readiness

Compliance services are emerging as one of the hottest areas of cybersecurity. While compliance used to be mainly the province of large enterprises, times have changed, and it is now a day-to-day concern for a growing number of small and medium businesses.

Even when these organizations are not regulated, SMEs often aim to follow compliance and/or security frameworks either for their own risk mitigation or in order to comply with the standards required by their customers. The driver is often their customers’ supply chain concerns and requirements. As large businesses adopt cybersecurity and compliance frameworks and agree to certain standards, they impose similar demands on their suppliers.

This is a major opportunity for virtual CISO (vCISO) providers assuming they can broaden their offerings to encompass compliance. vCISO service providers perform a vital role in building a comprehensive cybersecurity program for their SME customers. They ensure that organizations put basic security measures in place to reduce the risk of a cyberattack and adequate safeguards to protect sensitive information. As such, those delivering vCISO services are well-positioned to expand their services into compliance. Some have already extended their service portfolio by adding compliance-related services, adding value to their customers.

While this should be a natural and easy transition, many vCISO service providers struggle to make this move. Adding compliance and audit readiness services may be overwhelming – it requires a specific skill set and may be time-consuming.

Fortunately, vCISO platforms are emerging that integrate the compliance function and automate much of the work allowing vCISO service providers to easily add compliance services to their offering with no extra burden or cost.

In this guide we explain:

  • What compliance services are and why they are in demand
  • How vCISO providers can add value to the compliance sector
  • What the different compliance frameworks are and how they fit in with the CISO role
  • The upsell potential of compliance services
  • How compliance services tie into audit preparedness
  • How vCISOs in possession of detailed security assessments are well-positioned to provide compliance services
  • The platforms that can help vCISO providers automate security and compliance

Download the guide here.

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