Hacker wants Elon Musk or Twitter to buy back stolen data

A hacker who is super-active on the hacking forum Ryushi is urging interested prospects to buy sensitive details that were stolen from over 400 million Twitter account users. The hacker claims to have obtained access to the data through a vulnerability on the database and is ready to sell it for a hefty price of $400,000,000.

What appears strange in the incident is the hacker is also inviting Elon Musk or any of the Twitter staff to buy back the data to avoid penalties imposed by GDPR lawsuits ranging from 5.4m to 8.7m. The selling criminal also attested that Escrow payments will cover the sale in control of the forum admin…. that’s strange, isn’t it?

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has opened up an investigation into the probe and linked the current data possession claim related to a massive data breach that took place last month.

Another hacker who is following the latest data leak related to the social networking website claims that the stolen info that includes phone numbers, email ids and user names and location seems to have a link with the breach that took place in the year 2020 and the Irish data watchdog has already imposed a fine of €450,000 on the company for failing to following GDPR.

As of now, Twitter is struggling to contain the enormous amounts of complaints pouring in from different parts of the world. Among them, the most are related to account suspension and lock-in, as many of the journalists, politicians managing their accounts with the help of freelancers, are being blocked from access till further notice. The other issue is with the 2-factor authentication requests which most of the mobile service providers are rejecting for reasons.



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