Help Shape the CGRC Exam – Formerly Known As CAP

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As practitioners know all too well, it is paramount to remain up to date with the changing landscape of cybersecurity. We regularly conduct Job Task Analysis (JTA) studies to review exam content and outlines to ensure the accuracy, relevance and excellence of all (ISC)² exams.  

The Certified in Governance, Risk and Compliance (CGRC), formerly known as the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) exam, was last refreshed in 2021. The certification is undergoing a to more accurately reflect the knowledge, skills and abilities required to earn and maintain this certification. As part of our regular updates to exams, it is now time to refresh the (ISC)² CGRC exam to better align with best governance, risk and compliance professional practices.  

We will begin the CGRC revision process with a JTA Study Workshop tentatively scheduled for February 13-15, 2023. We are asking that anyone who currently holds the CGRC (aka CAP) review the and consider the following questions:  

  1. Do you believe that the current CGRC exam outline adequately covers the existing and emerging cybersecurity techniques and threats CGRC practitioners are facing in their jobs today? 
  1. If not, what sort of topics/content should be added to the CGRC exam outline? 
  1. What content currently on the CGRC exam outline is no longer relevant to today’s professionals? 

Please send your answers to these questions to [email protected] no later than January 30, 2023. Please include your ID # in your email. Your comments will be compiled and presented to the JTA Committee for further review.  

Be sure to submit this exercise via the CPE portal so that you can earn credit for participating in this essential activity. Thank you for your invaluable insights and help!  


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