India IIT offers BTech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Are you interested in taking a career path in artificial intelligence and data science? Then you better pursue a course in Bachelor of Technology in Indian Institute of Technology Patna as it has recently launched a programme in the related field to get the students certified in the said field.

The Btech AI and Data Science program will also be offered at IIT Guwahati and IIT Hyderabad from next academic year and will offer a precise version of the curriculum to those interested in learning machine learning algorithms and analyze huge data sets.

Currently, only 33 seats are offered for the course in IIT Patna and will be conveyed in a 4-year course split into 8 semesters. Students will be given some elective options, but mandatorily pursue around 6 subjects for sure.

In the first year, candidates will be introduced to the subject to the core and themes such as data science, machine learning, computer architecture, operating systems, artificial intelligence and electrical sciences with engineering mechanics will be covered. They also need to take part in a National Cadet Corps (NCC) or National Social Service Course to finish their indulgence in the cultural activity course covered in the 1st semester.

As expected, selection of candidates will be based on the score they gain in JEE Advanced exams and must have passed class 12th examination conducted by Central or State Board.

Students must pay a fee of Rs 1 lakh ($1300) in Indian currency per semester to pursue the course and after passing it out in flying color, they can pursue jobs in data science, AI technology and as a machine learning engineer.

NOTE- The course will cover the data science and AI topics from the basics to the core and will help those who are looking to streamline their careers towards innovative technologies.



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