Kotlin app development company – How to choose

Find out what Kotlin app development will bring to your company, which global giants have already taken advantage of it, and how to choose a reliable Kotlin app development company.

How to Choose Kotlin App Development Company?

Choosing the right tech stack is the key to ensuring your digital solution keeps up with the times, i.e., meets current trends and satisfies consumer needs. By “right,” we mean advanced tools that allow you to create high-performance, functional and easily scalable software.

Kotlin can be safely attributed to the list of such programming languages and the companies that work with it to the promising suppliers of software products in today’s market. 

Today we’ll talk about why Kotlin is so in demand with developers and their clients and discuss why it’s so important to choose a reliable Kotlin app development company.

All You Need To Know About Kotlin

Kotlin is an object-oriented programming language with static typing that was created more than 10 years ago and was originally considered an alternative to Java. However, its creators have made it so compact, convenient, and versatile that it has surpassed in popularity both Java and other equally popular languages, like JavaScript, Ruby, and C++. 

In addition to its popularity among programmers, Kotlin is trusted by the world’s IT industry flagships. Jira, Adobe, Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, and many others have adopted it. Most of the most popular programs on the Play Market are written in it, and Google even declared it the preferred language for Android development. 

Note the reasons why you should find a reliable Kotlin app development company now:

  1. The demand for this language among successful companies. According to statistics, many well-known corporations plan to migrate their digital solutions to Kotlin by the end of 2022. Uber and Pinterest are among those that have already done so.
  2. Compliance with modern software requirements. Kotlin allows you to write 40% less code than Java. This helps teams achieve one of their main goals: get the finished product to market faster. Other benefits include writing error-free code and creating easily scalable digital products. It is also handy for Data Science, including creating machine learning models.
  3. Versatility of language. Kotlin’s creators claim that “Kotlin is a language for all platforms.” That is, it can be used to write digital solutions for mobile and smart devices (e.g., Android, iOS, WatchOS) and desktop apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. You can also order the development of a cross-platform product. This is possible thanks to Multiplatform technology, the benefits of which have already been used by many global giants, including Netflix, Baidu, and PlanGrid.

Enough arguments in favour of Kotlin software development, right? Let’s discuss what to look for when choosing a company that specializes in creating Kotlin apps.

Kotlin Developer Selection Criteria 

When choosing a Kotlin app development company, pay attention to the reputation of the provider itself, as well as the performance of the individual developers it works with. Below are three parameters by which we recommend evaluating the professionalism of Kotlin developers:

1: Hands-on experience. The skills of the developer who will be involved in your project should not be limited to theory. A good specialist must have practical experience in writing different types of apps in this and other languages, as well as a good understanding of object-oriented programming, web service concepts, and mobile solution architecture. 

2: Tech stack. According to statistics, 92% of developers wrote code in Java before switching to Kotlin. Of these, 86% continue to program in Java in parallel with Kotlin, and among other tools that are popular with these programmers are JavaScript, SQL, and HTML/CSS. Consequently, knowledge of this technology stack will be one of the first hard skills to test when selecting a candidate. 

Another important point is a thorough understanding of XML markup language, as it is necessary for the layout of a mobile and web solution. We should also not forget about Android tools because the priority area of using Kotlin is still mobile development.

3: Personality traits. No matter how first-rate a developer is, they will not benefit your company if they do not know how to work in a team and do not possess other important soft skills. When choosing a programmer, look for these qualities: 

  • research skills;
  • ability to adapt;
  • ability to manage time;
  • the desire for self-development;
  • ability to defend their own position.

To avoid making a mistake with a Kotlin-development service provider, turn only to proven companies with extensive market experience, a positive reputation, and an impressive portfolio with successful cases.

Top 5 Kotlin App Development Companies

Are you looking for the best developers to implement your project? Here is a list of time-tested Kotlin app development companies.

-> Brights

Brights is a company that has been developing digital solutions for clients worldwide for 11 years. Their agile team of 100 people specializes in creating fintech startups and developing enterprise software. They are not afraid of the responsibility of implementing bold solutions and provide a full range of services, from hypothesis testing to testing, release, and subsequent optimization of a full-fledged digital product.

Services provided:

  • Web Development.
  • Mobile solution creation.
  • UI/UX design.
  • QA testing.
  • Machine Learning.
  • DevOps security.

Distinguishing features:

  • comprehensive software development services;
  • creation of digital solutions within the agreed time and budget;
  • the use of advanced technologies and tools;
  • high-quality communication with the customer.

-> Concetto Labs

Working for seven years on the market, Concetto Labs Agile team has managed to implement more than 500 successful projects. The specialists of this company specialize in Microsoft development services. They develop mobile and web software for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations.

Services provided:

  • Powerapps Development.
  • Power BI Development.
  • Power Automate Development.
  • ASP.NET Core Development.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Add-ins Development.
  • Azure Data Factory.

Distinguishing features:

  • 24/7 user support;
  • competitive prices and speed of delivery;
  • flexible interaction models.

-> Hidden Brains 

Hidden Brains is one of the leading Kotlin software development companies. Its specialists create functional apps for Android that are distinguished by high performance. The company has worked successfully with clients from over 100 countries for 19 years.

Services provided:

  • Development of web programs.
  • Creation of apps for mobile devices.
  • Frontend development.
  • Microsoft development.
  • Digital solution prototyping.
  • Cloud technology and DevOps.

Distinguishing features:

  • broad industry expertise;
  • dedicated team of Kotlin developers;
  • experience with ML, IoT, and AI technologies;
  • experience in creating chatbots.

-> Techahead

The company has been creating customer-centric and easily scalable solutions for mobile and web platforms since 2009. The Techahead team has experience working with leaders in various industries, including finance, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, and many others. 

Services provided:

  • Mobile and web development.
  • Modernization and maintenance of digital solutions.
  • Cloud engineering and IoT.
  • research and consulting.
  • UX/UI design.
  • DevOps.
  • QA and testing.
  • User analytics.
  • Digital marketing.

Distinguishing features:

  • experience working with Fortune 500 brands;
  • turnkey design and development;
  • quick adaptation to the code of the existing project when upgrading it;
  • attention to detail.

-> Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte positions itself as a Blockchain and Metaverse Company that is as focused as possible on its digital products’ security, scalability, and performance. For 18 years, the company has accumulated over 4,500 successfully completed projects in its portfolio, and millions of satisfied consumers use its software products.

Services provided:

  • IoT.
  • Blockchain development.
  • Backend technologies.
  • Creation of digital products for mobile devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Audit of smart contracts.

Distinguishing features:

  • strict adherence to deadlines;
  • use of trendy technologies;
  • high quality of work and 100% customer satisfaction.


Hiring a dedicated team of Kotlin developers is a great alternative to hiring in-house specialists. It will save your budget without sacrificing the quality of the finished product or the speed of its release. Turn to a trusted software development service provider and follow global trends in digital transformation.

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