NATO tames AI Driven Cyber Threats

We all know that a technology can never be at fault, as it is the mind that does most of the damage. And the same applies to the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that is now proving as a double-edged sword.

In this world of AI driven cyberwarfare, NATO is finding it extremely difficult to tame the threat. However, in the coming year, the peace-loving agency will defend networks from attacks in an automated way.

Already, a drill is being conducted at the CR14 NATO Cyber Range in Tallin, the capital of Estonia. And information is out that army commanders from over 30 countries took part in the drill to exhibit their skills of defending their country from adversary related digital threats. Yet, there is still a long way to go through!

NATO’s primary challenge at the event was to defend its networks to the ai generated attacks that are now emerging into a two-way street. Meaning, on one hand, security experts are trying their best to make the tech prove advantageous in attacks. While on the other, hackers are giving their best in making the full use of the tech in disrupting private and public networks.

Bernd Hansen, the head of Cyberspace at NATO, presented his viewpoints by stating the tech is proving beneficial in two ways. On one hand, it is helping in detecting the AI used by the opponents and on the other; it is helping break the ice on how AI can support own operations.

Alberto Domingo, the technical head of NATO Allied Command Transformation, predicted that attacks are going to become exponential in coming times. And the best to do is to draft more algorithm-based cybersecurity rules that can help tame the threats to the core!



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