Nozomi CEO on Building Bonds With Industrial Control Vendors

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Edgard Capdevielle on Why Manufacturer Ties Matter in the Industrial Control Sector

Edgard Capdevielle, president and CEO, Nozomi Networks (Image: Nozomi Networks)

Nozomi Networks is growing its OT security business by partnering with industrial control vendors. Companies ranging from Honeywell and Johnson Controls to Siemens and GE are increasingly adopting Nozomi Networks within their security portfolio, says CEO Edgard Capdevielle.

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Firms such as Siemens can actually run Nozomi’s product inside their platform, while others – such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Accenture and IBM – have incorporated Nozomi’s tool into a managed service bundle. Critical infrastructure customers often like to have the product managed directly by the manufacturer to maximize uptime and expertise, while minimizing the likelihood of human error or misconfiguration, Capdevielle says (see: Overcoming Digital Challenges of OT Security).

“IT and security products are less intimate than industrial control systems,” he says. “ICS products tend to have a longer depreciation cycle closer to the assets that we’re protecting as opposed to IT. The responsibility for the uptime of an industrial control network is shared between IT, the CISO and the actual factories or plants, so the relationship with OEMs is a lot more intimate.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Capdevielle also discusses:

  • The decision to embed Nozomi’s threat intelligence in other tools;
  • What differentiates Nozomi from Armis and Claroty in ICS and OT;
  • Changes in buying behavior as a result of the economic downturn.

Capdevielle has a background in managing and expanding markets for startups and established tech companies. Prior to joining Nozomi Networks in October 2016, he was vice president of product management and marketing for Imperva, where he led the company’s web and data security product teams. Capdevielle previously spent four years as an executive at storage companies Data Domain and EMC.

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