Ransomware: The security debt collector

High-profile ransomware news stories grabbed headlines a few years ago but faded in popularity as other attacks like cryptojacking grew more profitable. Since the first months of 2020, ransomware attacks have been on the rise and are in the news again.

In this presentation, Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO at Cisco, talks about the historical rise and fall (and rise) of ransomware from floppy disks to RaaS (ransomware as a service), why it’s seen a resurgence in popularity along with recent data on the state of ransomware currently, and how you can improve your defenses against ransomware attacks.

This video was recorded at IRISSCON 2022, an annual conference organized by IRISSCERT. The all-day event focuses on providing attendees with an overview of the current cyber threats facing businesses in Ireland and what they can do to help deal with those threats.

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