The Guardian Ransomware Attack 2022 intensifies deeply

The ransomware attack that took place on British Daily Newspaper ‘The Guardian’ seems to have intensified deeply as the staff of the media group has been advised to work from home and have been handed over separate email ids for official communication.

Guardian’s servers were hacked and a file encrypting malware was introduced into the daily computer network in the first week of December 2022. And the incident was discovered by the IT staff on the 20th of the same month.

Since then, the administration staff have been advised to render their services via a WFH culture.

Formalizing it, an official email was being circulated to all staff members by Anna Bateson, the CEO of Guardian Media Group, urging them to continue working remotely for the next 3 weeks.

Christmas 2022 proved unfortunate to the IT staff of the daily newspaper, as they had to work 24/7 to bring back the network to normal operations.

However, as most of the key systems failed to rejuvenate, the staff in the UK, USA and Australia has been asked to work remotely until January 23rd this year. And as a precautionary measure, all the systems on the office network were made offline to contain the spread of the malware.

NOTE 1- There were reports that the incident was caused by a MS Exchange Server vulnerability that was exploited by hackers to induce malware into the network.

NOTE 2- Guardian is yet to reveal the incident cause on an official note and has assured to disclose the details of the malware spreading gang in coming weeks.

NOTE 3- Coincidentally, the cyber-attack occurred when Volodymyr Zelenskyy was visiting the United States of America after the start of the ongoing war between Kyiv and Moscow.



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