“The sooner you introduce security, the earlier you spot risks”

Santosh Kamane is a veteran security professional with about two decades of experience in progressively building information security and risk management programs.

The domains Santosh Kamane covered include designing and architecting security solutions for enterprises, third party risk management, cloud and application security, business continuity management, incident management and SOC, DLP Programs, Privacy frameworks, and data security in the banking domain.

After spending about 20 years in the industry executing various roles in India and the US, he has transitioned to the role of an entrepreneur, addressing a crucial gap in data privacy. He lists ‘data destruction’ as one of his key skills. He has valid reasons to list as a an important business decision.

In a candid conversation with The Cyber Express, Santosh Kamane shares his experience in transitioning from the rudimentary steps of network security, when there were no “fancy command centres” as he put it, to what has bloomed into a separate industry in itself. And, of course, his startup.

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