Top 5 Best Telegram Client Apps for Android

Ranked and described the functionality of the top 5 best Telegram client applications for Android.

Telegram messenger is gaining popularity, and the number of its users is growing every day. While some users are satisfied with the already included features in the main application, others purchase a Premium version of their favourite messenger, and others have long used the application client Telegram and enjoy the new features of their favourite application. 

Below is the rating of 5 Telegram messenger client apps for Android


What is the Nicegram app? It is one of the most popular Telegram client apps. The app is open source, so you can convince yourself that it is safe. With Nicegram you can get unlocking features for chats and channels, translate messages from a foreign language, forward messages anonymously, add tabs and folders, group chats, create multiple accounts, and view chats without a “read” mark. 

Telegram X

We would like to note that it is better to install the beta version of the application, to begin with, as the application has not been updated for a long time. In this messenger you can change the settings of the appearance of the application, also Telegram X has a very clear interface. This client app contains the following features: traffic saving when uploading videos and photos, uploading and sending messages is faster than in the official Telegram app.

iMe Messenger

This is a popular app among Android platform users. The app includes many features: a cryptocurrency wallet, sorting chats by topic, a section with music, translating messages from a foreign language right in the chat, blocking selected people to not seeing messages from them, and removing text from photos and image descriptions. You can also use iMe Messenger to convert voice messages to text, and quickly search for GIF images to send in chats. 

Graph Messenger

A popular application for those who need privacy when using Messenger. In Graph Messenger developers have included the following features: change your voice when sending voice messages, create and login 100 active accounts at a time, hide chats and channels, chronological display of messages from channels on one page, the ability to edit images directly in the chat, auto-replies for certain contacts directly in the chat. 


This is one of the best Telegram client apps for exploring the content of chats and channels you are subscribed to. With Vidogram you can compile a single news feed from all the channels you are subscribed to, the show history can be in chronological order.

The app also has built-in IPTV, which works very well, so you can watch entertainment, sports and other channels without leaving Vidogram. The app also has features for music lovers: you can form a playlist and listen to music in the app. From the external changes: the user can create animated themes and play online games. 

Thus, there are many client applications of the official Telegram app for Android. They differ from each other in terms of functionality, for example, in many you will find the ability to translate messages from another language right in the chat application.

However, there are also applications with exclusive features, for example, the option to change your voice when sending voice messages. In any case, to select the most convenient and functional application, you should try to install several messengers so that you will be delighted with the new icon on your smartphone. 

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