What is Hyper Data Collection

As digitalization is increasing with time, information generation, sharing and storage has also hit its peak. As new types of data are being generated, innovative dangers in protecting such info are also emerging with time.

Businesses are ready to take insights from the new data that is being generated. But are feeling it is difficult to manage and account the information deluge.

This is where the term ‘Hyper Data Collection’ emerges. In simple terms, accessing and managing different data from multiple resources is what Hyper Data collection means. The term ‘Hyper Collector” was first coined by Brendan Walker, a senior data researcher at the University of Queensland.

Online sources such as twitter, Cloud storage engines, TikTok, Bunnings, eBay, Netflix are all hyper data collectors and companies must strive hard to protect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) emerging from such resources.

Not only the tech companies, we humans must also face challenges while collecting, sorting and analyzing info acquired from our private lives. Like the data collected from a smart TV, refrigerator and a smart phone can give a vague picture about of consumer who never gave consent for such data collection.

We all know that data watchdogs can curtail businesses on what they are collecting from customers and storing for later analysis. However, there is no scientific mechanism to keep a watch on the hyper data that is being collected, although companies maintain transparency by following different data security strategies to keep their consumer data isolated from hackers and prying eyes.



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