30M User Records for Sale

A hacker using the alias “Sp1d3r” has claimed to have breached TEG, an Australian ticketing giant, compromising the personal data of approximately 30 million users. The hacker has put this data up for sale on the notorious Breach Forums, asking for a price of USD 30,000.

TEG Data Breach – Details

According to the post made by Sp1d3r on Thursday, June 20, 2024, the database contains a vast amount of sensitive information. This includes names, genders, businesses, dates of birth, usernames, and hashed passwords, among other details.

Who is TEG?

TEG, short for Ticketek Entertainment Group, is a leading live entertainment, ticketing, and technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company operates across several sectors, including ticketing, live entertainment, and data analytics, serving millions of customers annually.

TEG’s official website (teg.com.au) highlights its role in connecting fans with their favourite events through its various platforms, including Ticketek, Eventopia, and Softix. As of 2024, TEG boasts a user base of around 30 million, which aligns with the number of records reportedly compromised in this breach. However, they have not published an official statement confirming the breach so far.

The Hacker and the Forum

Sp1d3r’s decision to sell this trove of data on Breach Forums highlights the persistent threat posed by cybercriminals and the marketplaces that facilitate such transactions. Breach Forums, a well-known platform for cybercrime activities, has seen numerous high-profile data breaches being advertised, making it a hotspot for illicit data trade including last month’s breach which involved Ticketmaster.

Sp1d3r hacker on Breach Forums (Screenshot: Hackread.com)

User Advisory

Users affected by this alleged breach are advised to monitor their financial accounts closely, change passwords, and remain alert to potential phishing attempts. Companies like TEG must prioritise transparency and communication with their users to mitigate the damage and restore trust.

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