All United States flights grounded and cyber attack not suspected

A computer glitch that could have taken place because of a cyber attack led to the grounding of flights across the United States from the early hours of today. Although, the Federal Aviation Administration managing the air traffic, denied systems being disrupted via a ransomware attack, sources from White House state that a detailed investigation is under way and attack confirmation can only be conveyed after gaining solid evidence over a foreign digital invasion on Aviation systems.

Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed because of the digital glitch and restoration is still under progress.

Karnine Jeane, the white house secretary, issued a statement that the President Joe Biden has ordered for a detailed probe on the FAA Systems Outage and sought whether any foreign hacking group was behind the disruption.

Speaking to reporters, Biden said “Aircrafts are safe and are grounded and cannot take off now”.

Department of Transportation has ruled out any digital invasion and confirmed that the attack resulted from a configuration error and update to Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system

NOTE 1- Since Biden administration has publicly condemned Russia for launching a war on Ukraine, chances are rife that Moscow can launch cyber-warfare in western countries for supporting Zelenskyy with funds, ammunition and essential supplies. Killnet running on the funds of GRU has been assigned the duty to launch digital campaigns on all western nations like the US, the UK, and Australia.

NOTE 2- In the early hours of February 24th 2022, Putin started a war on Ukraine and from the past 10 months many innocent people, including military personnel and civilians, have lost their lives. Volodymr Zelenskyy is interested in peace talks with Russia. But the latter wants the former to first end all ties with the west and then come to peace.

NOTE 3- Many nations, especially those in Europe, are facing economic slowdowns and are on the verge of getting hit by recession because of high inflation. And it might take many months for such nations(like the UK) to recover from the incident.


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