Officeworks moves payments away from the cash register – Hardware – Software – Finance

Officeworks has deployed a mobile payment solution that allows team members to take payments from customers on the store floor, rather than queuing at a cash register.

Head of team member experience applications Andy Barker said the aim is to let team members “deliver a fast and personalised shopping experience” to customers at its 167 stores.

Team members will be able to “provide expert advice” about product choices, and let customers complete a purchase on-the-spot.

The system uses TC52x mobile computers from Zebra Technologies, running Quest Payment System’s Airpay TAP as the payment solution.

The computers act as mobile POS terminals covering major credit cards and EFTPOS payments.

Barker said the use of the Zebra devices had created additional and “significant efficiency and productivity gains with enhanced scanning and stock take accuracy”.

He also said that Officeworks incurred lower repair costs because of the rugged enclosures used on Zebra devices.

In-store workers previously made use of “consumer grade devices” that were end-of-life, he said.

The company wanted devices that were rugged, had a scanner so team members could efficiently scan tickets, and had NFC support, giving it the ability to run payments anywhere in the store.

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