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Troy Leach on Cloud Security Skills, Challenges and Trends

Troy Leach, chief strategy officer, Cloud Security Alliance

“If we look at all of the types of issues with cloud breaches, it always comes down to misconfiguration,” says Troy Leach of Cloud Security Alliance. “The challenge is: People try to treat cloud environments the same as they’ve always done on-premises, and that is unfair for both environments.”

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Leach says that part of the problem is that we do more “training than teaching.” Instead of telling employees what they need to do, “when we teach them, we empower them to be part of the solution,” he says. “Work at trying to find ways that they not only understand but then are proactive of understanding why it benefits the company as well.”

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group, Leach discusses:

  • Challenges businesses face when moving to the cloud;
  • Why misconfigurations are the number one cause of data breaches in the cloud;
  • Cloud security trends to watch in 2023.

Leach has spent more than 25 years educating on and advocating for the advancement of responsible technology to improve the quality of living and parity for all. He sits on several advisory boards as an expert in information security and financial payments. Leach has also founded a consulting practice that advises on the opportunities to leverage blockchain technology, zero trust methodology and various cloud services to create safe and trusted environments. Previously, he helped establish and lead the PCI Security Standards Council.

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