CEO Amit Bareket on Perimeter 81’s Push to Unify ZTNA & SWG


How the Shift to ‘Work From Home’ Has Created Issues Around Remote Access

Amit Bareket, co-founder and CEO, Perimeter 81 (Image: Perimeter 81)

The embrace of the open internet as the new corporate network has created challenges around remote access and employee security, says Perimeter 81 CEO Amit Bareket.

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Perimeter 81 has attempted to simplify securing remote work by bringing zero trust network access and secure web gateway together on a single management console with a single network and single agent to maximize ease of use and robustness, Bareket says. The company plans to expand from the midmarket into larger enterprises to help simplify networks as they embrace 5G and fiber and replace legacy tools (see: The Future of Corporate Network Security on the Internet).

“We have managed to build a solution that is easy to use,” Bareket says. “The time to value is very quick. It takes less than an hour to unload and implement. And that’s where we win.”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Bareket also discusses:

Bareket is a cybersecurity expert with extensive experience in system architecture and software development. He is the author of eight patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for storage, mobile applications and user interface. Prior to co-founding Perimeter 81, Amit co-founded SaferVPN, sold it in 2019 to J2 Global and worked as a software engineer for major enterprises including IBM XIV Storage and BigBand Networks. He also served in Unit 81, the Israel Defense Force’s elite cyber intelligence unit.

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