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Criminal IP Becomes VirusTotal IP and URL Scan Contributor

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As cyber threats, particularly considering the rising number of ransomware attacks, become more prevalent, empowering one’s cybersecurity ecosystem is crucial. In this landscape, VirusTotal plays a pivotal role as an intelligence security website.

Notably, Criminal IP, a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine developed by AI SPERA, has integrated its IP address and URL scans into VirusTotal.

Criminal IP: Expanding from IP to URL Scan Contributor

VirusTotal, one of the richest and most actionable crowdsourced threat intelligence suites scans files and URLs using 70+ antivirus tools, promoting global security through collaboration among the industry, researchers, and users.

VirusTotal aggregates data from various antivirus engines, website scanners, file and URL analysis tools, and user contributions. The platform maintains objectivity, offers detailed results, and provides premium services for organizations to enhance internet safety.

Criminal IP, a new contributor to VirusTotal, operates as an OSINT-based CTI search engine. Powered by AI, it specializes in efficiently aggregating critical threat data, focusing on automatically collecting the latest threat information related to IP and domain addresses. 

Criminal IP became a VirusTotal contributor last April, providing real-time scan data for potentially malicious IP addresses. Renowned for its precision in identifying suspicious IPs, Criminal IP has now become a contributor to both IP and URL scanning.

VirusTotal URL Scan Results Showing Criminal IP Analysis
VirusTotal URL Scan Results Showing Criminal IP Analysis

Criminal IP’s Specialized Real-Time Threat Detection

In VirusTotal, users can scan a suspicious IP, domain or URL, and each contributing AntiVirus engine flags its own result as Clean, Malicious, or Phishing based on the vendor’s algorithm.

In addition to this comprehensive maliciousness result, for those seeking more information about each component and false positives, users can visit Criminal IP.

The URL scan feature, newly integrated, extracts a wide range of data, including network logs, associated IP addresses, malicious links, and website vulnerabilities.

Criminal IP Domain Search users gain access to valuable information, such as technology usage details, abuse records, and mapped CVE vulnerabilities, all conveniently presented on a single page.

Example of Criminal IP Domain Search for Malicious URL
Example of Criminal IP Domain Search for Malicious URL

This comprehensive search engine provides three tailored plans: Lite, Medium, and Pro, alongside a Free membership.

To find an ideal plan based on your quantity of IP Lookup and URL Scan/Lookup needs, with key features providing insightful information, users can experiment with a Free membership and track their credit usage on the dashboard.


AI SPERA launched its CTI-based search engine, Criminal IP, in April 2023 after a successful year-long beta phase. The company has established technical and business partnerships with renowned global security firms, including PolySwarm, Splunk, Anomali, LogRhythm, Datadog, and more.

Criminal IP has recently achieved the highest global compliance and payment standards, PCI DSS Level 1. With the search engine available in 5 different languages (English, French, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean), it welcomes unique users worldwide.

Sponsored and written by Criminal IP.

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